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July 2020 will be Season XII of our Low Light Gunfighting Series.  The Low Light Gunfighting Series consists of six modules, each focusing on specific skills and reinforcing skills practiced in prior modules. Class meets once a month for 6 consecutive months, on a Sunday from 3pm to 9:30pm.  See dates below.  Low Light Gunfighting concentrates on a small class size, to provide you with a rapid ascent in development of your gunfighting skillsets.  

Low-Light Gunfighting focuses on current, proven defensive techniques to protect oneself and family in the gravest extreme. This series consists of points of instruction that include dynamic movement, deploying multiple weapons platforms (handgun, rifle, and shotgun).  You will develop effective marksmanship and gun handling skills with our challenging drills.   We also present you real-world scenarios and challenging environments to enhance your reaction time in violent engagements.  

Good company, food, coffee and bottled water are included!


To maximize your experience, our Low Light Gunfighting Series has a maximum class size of ten. 


We feature credentialed, skilled instructors with backgrounds in military, law enforcement, public safety, and competitive shooting.  


While the training can be demanding, it is offered in a supportive and collaborative environment where people from a diverse spectrum of our community come together to forge their protective abilities.

Classes will begin at 3:00 p.m and run until 9:30 p.m. All classes are on Sundays.


This is a live-fire handgun/rifle/shotgun offering, with at least one Simunition® shoothouse session per series.   We cover topics such as:


  • Tactical lights and RDS optics. Timing, techniques and mastery of their application in diminished, low/no light and unconventional, rapidly unfolding situations.


  • Multiple weapons systems and how to use them effectively, including the ability to perform smooth transitions between systems (i.e. rifle and handgun; shotgun and handgun).

  • Rescue techniques, casualty care, and team tactics to address active shooter events.

  • Validation of your training with Simunition® non-lethal training ammunition for one module of this series.  This module will be at our modern, multiple room, and fully furnished shoothouse.  Our goal here is to enhance your problem solving skills during challenging real-world scenarios with rollplayers.  We are a licensed Simunition® Training Provider.  All mandatory safety gear is provided. All Simunition® training ammunition is included in course fee.  We utilize Glock 17T Simunition® training handguns as well as UTM AR-15 bolt systems.  You can use your own AR-15 in the shoothouse with the simple UTM replacement bolt which we provide.  This allows you to train with what you will be bringing to the fight, not some unfamiliar rifle.


Students should be experienced with firearms, particularly the use of the holstered handgun.  This is not a beginner's class. 


If you are a first-time student of the Series, we invite you to call us at 408-687-3791 to discuss your experience and prior training before registering.   We reserve the right to vet all applicants, to determine eligibility, prior to admission to this class.

July - December 2020 - Taking Reservations Now! 


Series price: $1425

Equipment needed for Series:


  • Handgun

  • 6 magazines for handgun (minimum)

  • Ability to carry 4 handgun mags in carriers 

  • Rifle (AR15 or equivalent) with red dot optic and light

  • Tactical sling (one or two point)

  • 4 magazines for rifle

  • Ability to carry at least 2 rifle mags in carriers on your person

  • Tactical type shotgun with sling

  • Closed-toe, non-skid tactical boots or sport shoes

  • Eye protection (clear for night)

  • Electronic ear protection

  • Handheld tactical flashlight with belt carrier (such as a Surefire)

  • Handgun mounted light 

  • Knee pads

  • Clothing appropriate for weather conditions (we train rain or shine)

  • Basic firearms cleaning kit

  • 1400 rnds handgun ammo

  • 1400 rnds rifle ammo

  • 150 rounds #8 birdshot (lead only), 40 rounds buckshot, 30 rounds slugs 

  • IFAK

  • Gloves you can shoot in (to protect your hands during Simunition® module)


A plate carrier or vest, and/or battle belt is recommended, to organize your gear.  This is your opportunity to shake out your gear and figure out whats works best for you under conditions of use.

Our Low Light Gunfighting Series is not an NRA class.  This intensive training program was created by Defensive Accuracy, LLC to meet specific training needs unmet by NRA developed curriculum.