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Six Modules Total

one module per month

Series Price:  $1,500.

January 2023 will be the beginning of Season XVII of our flagship Low Light Gunfighting Series™.  The Low Light Gunfighting Series™ consists of six modules, each focusing on specific skills.  Class meets once a month for six consecutive months, on a Sunday.   Low Light Gunfighting is limited to ten students. 

The focus is to master your gunfighting skills, with plenty of personalized attention to details.  Low Light Gunfighting is only available as a series, and not by individual modules.  This enhances the training experience by bonding students and elevating their skills and understanding of pistol, rifle, and shotgun weapons system operation in a way to enable us to safely introduce the student to a higher level of sophistication when working individually and in teams in the live-fire environment.

Instructors Dan Gray and Erick Gelhaus will be returning for Series XVII.  

Low-Light Gunfighting focuses on current, proven operational skills to increase your performance in the gravest extreme. This series consists of points of instruction that include dynamic drills to increase your proficiency with the handgun, rifle and shotgun.  We also present you real-world scenarios and challenging environments to test your skills to survive and prevail during a violent, deadly attack.  

Good company, food, coffee and bottled water are included at no additional charge at every class!

Live-fire range days start at 2 p.m. and run to 8 p.m.  Simunition® shoot house days start at 12:30 p.m. and run to 6:30 p.m.

This is a handgun/rifle/shotgun offering, with two of the six modules being Simunition® shoot house sessions.   Four of the six modules will be live-fire.  We cover topics such as:


  • Tactical lights and RDS optics. Timing, techniques and mastery of their application in diminished, low/no light and unconventional, rapidly unfolding situations.


  • Training with the handgun, rifle and the shotgun, including the ability to perform smooth transitions between systems.  Movement, team tactics including non-verbal communication, room clearing and takedowns are just some of the topics we will cover. 

  • Validate your training with Simunition® non-lethal training ammunition for two modules of this series.  Our live-fire Simunitionhoot house is modern, multiple room, and fully furnished.  Our goal is to enhance your problem solving skills during challenging real-world scenarios with roll-players.  We are a licensed Simunition® Training Provider.  All mandatory safety gear and  Simunition® training ammunition is included in the course fee.  We utilize Glock 17T Simunition® training handguns as well as UTM AR-15 bolt systems.  You can use your own AR-15 (gas operated) in the shoot house with the simple UTM replacement bolt which we provide.  We also have loaner AR-15's you can use.

Students should be experienced with firearms, particularly the use of the holstered handgun.  This is not a beginner's class. 


If you are a first-time student of the Series, we invite you to call us at 408-687-3791 to discuss your experience and prior training before registering.   We reserve the right to vet all applicants, to determine eligibility, prior to admission to this class.

Equipment needed for Series XVI:


  • Handgun (mounted light highly recommended)

  • 5 magazines for handgun (minimum)

  • Ability to carry 4 handgun mags in carriers 

  • Rifle (AR15/AK47 or equivalent) with red dot optic and light

  • Tactical sling (one or two point)

  • 4 magazines for rifle

  • Ability to carry at least 2 rifle mags in carriers on your person

  • Tactical shotgun with sling (optic and light optional but recommended)

  • Ability to carry additional shotgun rounds (side saddle, shell belt carrier, sling carrier)

  • Closed-toe, non-skid tactical boots or sport shoes

  • Eye protection (shades for daylight and clear for night)

  • Electronic ear protection

  • Handheld tactical flashlight with belt carrier (such as a Surefire or Steamlight)

  • Knee pads

  • Clothing appropriate for weather conditions (we train rain or shine)

  • Basic firearms cleaning kit

  • 600 rnds handgun ammo

  • 700 rnds rifle ammo

  • 50 rnds birdshot (#7 or #8)

  • 20 rnds buckshot

  • 10 rnds slugs

  • IFAK

  • Gloves you can shoot in (to protect your hands during Simunition® training)


A plate carrier or vest, and/or battle belt is recommended, to organize your gear.  This is your opportunity to shake out your gear and figure out whats works best for you under conditions of use.

Low Light Gunfighting Series XIX ™
September 2023 - March 2024
Open to Enrollment

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All dates are Sunday

Jan 22 (2pm-8pm)

Feb 12 (2pm-8pm)

Mar 12 (2pm-8pm)

Apr 16 (2pm-8pm)

          May 21 (12:30pm-6:30pm)

          June 11 (12:30pm-6:30pm)

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Sgt. Dan Gray, Turlock PD (retired)

Sgt. Erick Gelhaus, Sonoma SO (retired)

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