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We've trained thousands of Californians for their CCW's since 2006.

Our class sizes are limited so as to provide you with a top quality training experience.

Our instructors are professional and certified.

Our 8 and 16 hour Initial CCW classes, with limited class size, provide you with the highest quality instruction.  We also offer the traditional 4 hour renewal classes which are accepted by the listed agencies except San Mateo SO and San Francisco PD.   Please note that our 8 hour initial classes satisfy the renewal requirements for the San Mateo SO and our 16 hour initial classes satisfy the requirements for renewal with the San Francisco PD.


Please apply at your local issuing authority first.  You will be required to submit to a live-scan fingerprinting to enable the DOJ to process your background check.  This DOJ background check normally takes 30-90 days, but can take longer.  Your background check will verify if you are eligible to possess firearms and ammo.  Some issuing authorities also require you submit to a psychological examination (San Francisco PD, Alameda SO, Santa Clara SO, Novato PD, Central Marin PD and Marin SO).  This can add more time to the overall process for approval with the issuing agency.


Once you have been approved, you should then enroll in a class.  If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you will see links to the various agencies' application sites.

Alameda County Sheriff's Office (ACSO) Advisory:  ACSO applicants may only enroll in the safety course and the range qualification course upon approval and notification to do so from ACSO.  The safety course (option of 8 or 16 hours) will not include the range qualification.  The safety course is education, the range qualification is the test of what has been learned from the course.  The range qualification is a separate 4 hour course, and should be scheduled for a date after your initial CCW safety course (either 8 or 16 hours).   See Alameda CCW Qualification Course page of this website for dates, locations, and times. 

Please remember the California CCW permit is specific to the exact gun(s) you wish to carry.  The Make, Model, Caliber and Serial Number of each gun will be listed on your permit.  These are the only guns you are allowed to carry.  Additionally, the gun(s) must be registered in your name with the State of California.  

If you reside in one of the following jurisdictions, you may enroll in either our 8 OR 16 hour classes:


Alameda SO***

Amador SO 

Calaveras SO 

Contra Costa SO**

El Dorado SO

Nevada County SO

Placer SO

San Mateo SO***

Solano SO***

Stanislaus SO

Tiburon PD 


If you reside in one of the following jurisdictions, please register for one of our 16 hour classes:

Central Marin PD***

Concord PD

Los Gatos PD

Marin SO***

Monterey SO

Napa PD

Napa SO

Novato PD

Pleasant Hill PD

Sacramento SO

San Francisco PD***

San Joaquin SO

Santa Clara SO***

Sonoma SO***

Yolo SO


**  The Contra Costa Sheriff's Office is now issuing.  Please follow the steps outlined on the Contra Costa Sheriff's website.   Once Contra Costa SO applicants complete the training, they will be scheduled to shoot the qualification at the Sheriff's Office.  

***Alameda SO, Central Marin PD, Marin SO, San Francisco PD, San Mateo SO, Santa Clara SO, Solano SO and Sonoma SO require applicants apply first and receive approval from them prior to taking firearms training and qualifying.  

To see the schedule of classes for the agencies listed above, simply click the blue hyperlinks below.

Renewal Information

We also offer CCW Renewal classes for the above listed agencies.  Please note that the San Mateo SO requires an 8 hr. CCW renewal class and the San Francisco PD requires a 16 hr. CCW renewal class.  Our Initial 8 hr. and 16 hr. CCW classes shown below satisfy these requirements.

All other agencies except San Mateo SO and San Francisco PD accept the 4 hour renewal classes.

8 Hour Classes:

Brentwood 8 hour class

Dublin 8 hour class

Lodi 8 hour class

San Leandro 8 hour class

Richmond 8 hour class

Vacaville 8 hour class

16 Hour Classes:

Brentwood 16 hour class

Dublin 16 hour class

Lodi 16 hour classe 

Morgan Hill 16 hour class

Richmond 16 hour class

4 Hour Renewal Classes:

4 Hour CCW renewal class

4 Hour Alameda CCW Qualification Courses:

Richmond 4 hour Alameda CCW Qualification course

San Leandro 4 hour Alameda CCW Qualification course





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