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Erick Gelhaus

Erick is a long-time student with military, law enforcement, training, and academic experience.

After the police academy, he received firearms and tactics training from LAPD, LASD, the NRA- LEAD, CalPOST, the FBI, and DEA. With Gunsite as a foundation, he has also studied under Bill Jeans, Louis Awerbuck, the Surefire Institute, Pat Rogers, Scott Reitz, Larry Vickers, John Chapman, Pat McNamara, Frank Proctor, the ForceScience Institute, Paul Howe, Rangemaster Tactical, Dave Spaulding, Will Petty, Scott Jedlinski, & Craig Douglas and numerous armorer classes.

After twenty-nine years, he recently retired from a large northern California sheriff’s office as a patrol sergeant. As a deputy, he worked patrol, gang violence suppression, and narcotics investigations as well as being the lead firearms instructor and a field training officer. While a sergeant, he supervised a patrol shift, plus the firearms and field training programs. He has evaluated numerous uses of force and pursuits as well as supervising multiple OIS and critical incident scenes. He has been decorated by the State of California and his agency for service, lifesaving, and valor.

His military service includes being an infantry heavy weapons squad leader in ground combat.

Erick has taught at Gunsite since 2001 and with other companies, including Aimpoint. Having been through the gamut of post-use of force experiences, he brings those perspectives to his classes.

He has a Master’s degree in public administration, with his papers focusing on use of force issues. He has given presentations on police procedures, use of force, criminal street gangs, and critical incident issues to a wide variety of organizations throughout his career. SWAT, Modern Service Weapons, Soldier of Fortune, and TTPOA’s Command magazines have published articles he has written.

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