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 Law Enforcement Academy Preparation

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The L.E.A.P.© program is designed specifically for the law enforcement recruit who wants to hit the ground running in the demanding LE academy firearms training and qualification arena.  Let us help you fulfill your dream of a law enforcement career.  Our mission is for you to be ahead of the firearms training curve and to meet the firearms qualification requirements at your academy.

Although we recommend beginning your training with us prior to entering the academy firearms training phase, we have also worked successfully with recruits who contacted us after they failed their first academy qualification attempt.   

We offer private, individualized instruction in handgun and shotgun.   We have training facilities in the East Bay and Central Valley.  We are proud of our record of excellence in producing winning results for LE recruits at attaining top scores on their academy firearm qualification tests.  

Academy training can be stressful to the recruit who is new to firearms, and the academy can be fast paced with little time given to individual recruit needs or additional training of the recruit.  Let us be part of your program to succeed.

Our instructor cadre are credentialed, professional law enforcement firearms instructors. 

The L.E.A.P.© program is on a private one-on-one basis and is by appointment to work with your schedule.  All training is one-on-one without distractions and at the correct pace for you to succeed. 

Call Denise today at 408-687-3791 to discuss your individualized personal training program and get a quote.

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