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After completing your Defensive Accuracy, LLC 8 or 16 hour CCW class, the Alameda County Sheriff's Office requires you successfully complete our additional 4-hour qualification course to acquire your CCW with Alameda County.  Click on the blue hyperlinks above to see the dates and times and to enroll for that location.

Alameda County Sheriff's Office (ACSO) Advisory:  ACSO applicants may only enroll in the safety course and the range qualification course only upon approval and notification to do so from ACSO.  The safety course (option of 8 or 16 hours) will not include the range qualification.  The safety course is education, the range qualification is the test of what has been learned from the course.  The range qualification is a separate 4 hour course, and should be scheduled for a date after your initial CCW safety course (either 8 or 16 hours).


Passing the qualification course of fire is based on the student's performance and is not guaranteed.  If qualification is not met, a certificate will not be issued and student will be required to obtain more training.  Class fee will not be refunded.  


MANDATORY EQUIPMENT (Student must provide) 

• Valid California DMV issued Driver's License or ID card.

• Handgun(s) - Revolver or semiautomatic (full-size or compact).  You must bring all guns with you that you want to put on your permit.   You will be required to qualify with each one.  There is no additional charge for qualifying with multiple guns.  The State of California requires that the guns you list on your permit be registered to you with the State.  

• Strong side outside-the-waistband KYDEX belt holster (no cordura nylon or leather).  We do not allow holsters with retention devices or Blackhawk Serpa holsters.  You will need a holster of this type for each gun you want to qualify with.

We highly recommend and allow  Blade-tech OWB Kydex holsters


• Twin magazine belt carrier (Kydex with open top), or speed loader pouches for each gun you want to qualify with.


• Quality belt that fits holster loops and your pant's belt loops snugly.  Pants must have belt loops.  We recommend pants like First Tactical or 511 Tactical or their equivalent.  Thigh cargo pockets can hold extra magazines and ammo.

• Three magazines (minimum) or two speed-loaders (if shooting a revolver) for each gun.  

• Ammunition - 150 rounds for one of the guns, plus an additional 50 rounds for each gun you wish to shoot for qualification testing.  

• Wrap-around eye and electronic hearing protection.  

We recommend Walkers or Howard Leight amplified headphones.

• Notepad and pen (black ink)

• Baseball cap or visor

• Snacks and personal hydration

• Closed toe shoes

• Note:  No low cut necklines please.  We don't want hot brass down our shirt.

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