from Denise A. King, State Training Counselor Liaison - California

Subject:  Training Counselor Development Workshops


On May 14, 2020, I received an email from NRA HQ regarding the status of Training Counselor Development Workshops.  Due to COVID-19, the program is not running at 100%.   But, there are TCDW's and this is the schedule:

2020 schedule [open seats in brackets as of 6 May 2020]:

21-25 Jul (Region 4 NW in Three Forks, Montana, location finalized) [2/18]
25-29 Aug NRA HQ (posted on the website) [8/16]
22-26 Sep  (Region 8 SW in Buckeye, Arizona) [5/18]
27-31 Oct (Region 2 GL - ideally in Indiana, location still TBD) [14/18]
17-21 Nov NRA HQ [14/16]


More information on the Training Counselor program can be seen at: