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Available in Alameda, Solano, Contra Costa, San Joaquin, Merced and Santa Clara Counties

This is a two-part handgun training class that is comprised of both online and in-person training.

Part I is the online class "The Basics of Pistol Shooting".  You complete the online class in the comfort and safety of your home, at your own pace.  This online training can be completed over several sessions, at times convenient to you, 24 hrs. a day.  It's a great way to spend your "stay home" time, and is geared to the needs of the new handgun owner or those thinking of making their first purchase.  The class will greatly increase your knowledge of handgun safety, handgun types and actions, ammunition, and more.  The online class is a state-of-the art comprehensive educational class, presented in a modern and inter-active student friendly format.  All you need is an internet connection and either a PC, laptop or tablet.  No additional apps or equipment are needed.

Part II is an in-person, private Followup Class with one of our professional and NRA certified instructors.  This is a private, ONE-ON-ONE training session just for you!  Training handguns and ammo, eye and ear protection, targets, range fees and a Certificate of Course Completion are all included in the course fee.  If you have your own handgun, you are invited to bring it along with 50 rounds of ammo for instruction in it's proper use.  Your private and in-person live-fire Followup Class will be scheduled with your personal NRA Certified Instructor, after you complete the online class.  We have instructors located in Alameda, Solano, Contra Costa, San Joaquin, Merced and Santa Clara Counties.  Your follow up class will be by appointment and scheduled to fit your needs, at one of our convenient training locations, in accordance with county guidelines and as the easing of restrictions on movement and travel allow.

To begin your Blended Learning Experience, simply follow these steps:

Step 1:  Register and purchase your Blended Learning Experience by clicking the Step 1 Purchase Blended Learning Experience button below.  You will be contacted by your personal NRA Certified Instructor to provide you with a with a Course Control Code.  This Course Control Code will allow you to enroll in the online course FREE!  Your personal NRA Certified instructor will be available to answer any questions you have about the online and followup training.

Step 2:  Once you have purchased your Blended Learning Package and receive your Course Control Code, click on the Step 2 "Register for Online Class" button below to enter the NRA Online Learning site.  Follow the prompts to enter your information and register.  Follow the steps to purchase the online class, AND be sure to enter the Course Control Code provided by your personal NRA Certified Instructor.  This code will enable you to enroll in the online course for FREE!






Step 3:  Complete the online Basics of Pistol Shooting course at your own pace. Once you are finished with the online course, you will meet with your personal NRA Certified Instructor for your private, in-person, live-fire Followup Class.  Upon successful completion of your Followup Class, you will receive your NRA Certificate of Training. 

For questions email:

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