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From Director Eric Frohardt:

Fellow NRA Trainers,

As of today, all Certificates for Official NRA Training Courses are on our website:

The move to electronic certificates was driven by three major reasons.

1.    Training needs to be easier to conduct. Streamlining our materials so that one item does not put an entire “packet” out of stock, means more training can take place.

2.    Trainers will have instant access to certificates and can reprint them at any time. This removes the necessity to acquire additional certificates. It also helps if there was a problem with printing or if a student returns later for a replacement certificate.

3.    NRA Education and Training needs better metrics on the courses being taught. Better metrics lead to a better understanding of the market and help us focus resources accordingly.

Just like in Basics of Pistol Shooting, you simply submit the course report and then print the certificates. If you have an old certificate from a previous material order, please be sure to use the new online certificate instead.

Keep training and stay healthy!


Eric Frohardt


NRA Education and Training

March 26, 2020


As of now, the hard copy certificates are obsolete and should be retained for reproduction of certificates issued prior to this date. All certificates from this day forward MUST come from a course report and be PDF auto-generated to be valid.

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