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This CCW class is our two-day, 16 hour, premium course which teaches the skills necessary to safely carry a concealed firearm in public.  This course includes live-fire range training.  Students will learn a variety of safe firearm handling skills, including the presentation from the the holster, how to clear malfunctions, drawing from concealment, turns, one-handed shooting, and more.  This is the class you want to take to sharpen your skills!  

This class is approved training for the following issuing authorities, who require 16 hours of training:

Concord PD, Marin SO, Central Marin PD, Pleasant Hill PD, San Joaquin SO, Santa Clara SO, Sonoma SO, Novato PD, Napa PD, Napa SO, Yolo SO, Sacramento SO, and Monterey SO.

Please note that the San Francisco PD, Santa Clara SO, and the Sonoma SO require you apply and get approved by them prior to enrolling in the training class.

This class is also approved and will satisfy the requirements for the following issuing authorities who require a minimum of 8 hours of training:  (If you want more training, or are new to shooting, we highly recommend this coursework.)

Contra Costa SO*, Solano SO, San Mateo SO,  Amador SO, Calaveras SO, El Dorado SO, Placer SO, and Nevada Co. SO

Please note that the Solano SO and the San Mateo SO require you to apply and get approved by them prior to enrolling in the training class.

Day One of this two day class, takes place in an indoor classroom.  Students learn the legal considerations for carrying a concealed handgun, including a comprehensive look into the laws regarding the use of lethal force, civil and criminal liability, carry restrictions and more.  Students will receive a copy of "California Gun Laws". 

Day Two of this two-day class is detailed coursework on safe firearms handling, and shooting from the holster.  Students learn to safely present the handgun from the holster, perform emergency reloads, clear malfunctions, address threats to the side and rear, how to apply the fundamentals of shooting to result in accurate fire, and more.

Students should be familiar with the operation of their handgun and basic handgun safety prior to enrolling in this class.  We strongly recommend that new first-time handgun owners first complete our Beginner's Pistol Introduction or our Women's Beginner Pistol Introduction class, prior to enrolling in this course.

Course fee includes all range fees, targets, Certificates of Training, and a copy of "California Gun Laws".

As an added bonus, these classes include the approved training for the non-resident Utah, Arizona, Florida and Virginia permits at no additional charge.  Each of these permits are recognized in 33 states outside of California.  You do not need to apply at all 32 states.  For example, the Utah permit alone is valid in 32 states outside of California.  Carry confidently in the following states:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming


Applications and mailing envelopes for Utah and Arizona are provided at class.  Applications for Florida and Virginia can be found by clicking on these blue hyperlinks.  The Utah, Arizona, and Virginia non-resident permits are valid for five years, and the Florida permit is valid for seven years.  There is an application fee, paid to the respective issuing state, at the time of application.  They are value priced at $62.25 for Utah, $60 for Arizona, $100 for Virginia and $97 for Florida.

Fingerprinting services for the Utah and Arizona permits are available at the class for a modest fee of $25 per card.  If you want both Utah (needs 1 card) and Arizona (needs 2 cards), you will need to bring $75 cash.


(Student must bring all items listed to class on Day One for our mandatory Gear Check)

Valid California DMV issued Driver's License or ID card.

• Handgun(s) - Revolver or semiautomatic (full-size or compact).  You will need one main training gun, and you must bring all guns with you to both days of class that you want to put on your permit.  There is no additional charge for qualifying with multiple guns.  The State of California requires that the guns you list on your permit be registered to you with the State.  Depending on the issuing agency, there may be restrictions on gun type, modifications, and/or optics.  Please review the issuing agencies requirements as shown on their website.  For information on your issuing authorities gun requirements, please see our CCW Initial page for links to your agency.

• Strong side outside-the-waistband KYDEX belt holster (no cordura nylon or leather).  We do not allow holsters with retention devices or Blackhawk Serpa holsters

• Twin magazine belt carrier (Kydex with open top), or speed loader pouches.


• Quality gun belt that fits holster loops and your pant's belt loops snugly.  Pants must have belt loops.  We recommend pants like First Tactical or 511 Tactical or their equivalent.  Thigh pockets can hold extra magazines and ammo.

• Three magazines or two speed-loaders for main training gun.  Additional guns will need at least one extra magazine or speedloader.

• Ammunition - 150 rounds for main training gun, plus an additional 50 rounds for each additional gun you wish to shoot for qualification testing.  

• Wrap-around eye and electronic hearing protection.  

We recommend Howard Leight Impact Sport amplified headphones.

• Notepad and pen (black ink)

• Baseball cap or visor

• Sack lunch and personal hydration both days

• Closed toe shoes

• Note:  No low cut necklines please.  We don't want hot brass down our shirt.

You must bring ALL guns and equipment shown above to class on the first day (Saturday).  Please do not bring any ammunition into the classroom.  Handguns must be unloaded and cased to bring into store and checked in at front counter upon entry.


This is a limited seating course.  Enrollment requires preregistration and prepayment of course fee to book a slot.  See our Refund Policy.

For more information, please call Denise at 408-687-3791.


Sunday & Monday

CCW Class

CALIFORNIA Plus 33 states


APRIL 23 & 24, 2023 | 9AM - 5PM Each Day





All range fees


A copy of "California Gun Laws" 

Certificates of Training

Training documentation, applications and mailing envelopes for Utah & Arizona non-resident permits

No extra charge to qualify with multiple guns

Vacaville Location

Guns, Fishing & Other Stuff

197 Butcher Road | Vacaville, CA 95687

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