Schedule your class by calling

Larry Behnke at 209-603-9771


We will be hosting special “Holster Shoot” days and times at The Range at KW. 


All shooters who possess our “Holster/Rapid Fire Approved” credentials are allowed to shoot from the holsters and/or to rapid fire their handguns during these specially designated “Holster Shoot” days and times.


Gold Members who successfully complete this class will have the exclusive option of shooting from the holster and rapid firing during any of their range sessions.


To be eligible for “Holster/Rapid Fire Approved” credentials, you are required to successfully complete our Holster/Rapid Fire Certification class.  Call Larry Behnke at 209-603-9771 to schedule.


Class is approximately four hours and includes live-fire training and skills evaluation, along with written testing.


Prerequisite:  Successful completion of Beginner’s Introduction to Pistol class or equivalent (subject to approval).


Mandatory equipment (student provides):


  • Handgun


  • Holster – kydex (hard plastic) molded holsters only.  No leather or nylon holsters please.  Only strong side OWB, IWB, AIWB or tactical type thigh holsters allowed.  No cross-draw, ankle, small-of-the-back, or shoulder holsters allowed.  We recommend Blade-tech and Alien Gear holsters, which are available for purchase at the KW store.


  • Pants with belt loops. 


  • Sturdy belt that fits holster and pant belt loops snugly.


  • 3 Magazines and a twin magazine belt carrier.  Kydex type, open top, twin mag carriers are recommended.


  • Cover garment.  Garment can be a front opening or closed front, medium weight, jacket or pullover.  The strong-side OWB and IWB holsters work well with front opening jackets and the AIWB holsters work well with a closed front pullover type of garment.


  • Ammo – 100 rounds


  • Course fee $200 - Course fee is paid to the instructor.


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