This is the "next step" for defensive pistol, designed to sharpen and refine your skills........


Defensive Accuracy, LLC has developed the “Good Guy with A Gun” class to provide an opportunity for you to practice with qualified instructors on the subject of carrying and using a gun for self-defense.


This class is all range time, and is live-fire from the holster. This class is an ideal follow up to our California and Multi-state CCW class and provides a way to train in dynamic drills from the holster. Whether you carry daily, occasionally, or just want to learn more and develop your gunmanship, we invite you to train with our professionals.


Our focus and emphasis will be on the fundamentals of marksmanship, gun handling and manipulations, defensive accuracy, identifying threats and decision making to implement the best methods of engagement. In a deadly event outside the home, you may become the “good guy with a gun.” This class will help you be better prepared to address a dynamic deadly encounter.


Class hours are 2pm to 8pm. No two training sessions are alike. Each class will bring new drills and techniques, along with continued sharpening of your existing skills and mindset.


Required Equipment:




Open top, Kydex, moulded strong-side belt holster. Holsters such as Blade-tech, LAG, Alien Gear etc.

(No Blackhawk Serpa holsters please). Blade-tech OWB holsters are available at the Dublin store.


Current CCW holders or returning students may use AIWB carry with prior approval. Call Denise at 408-687-3791.


Minimum 4 handgun magazines


Minimum one twin magazine belt carrier


500 rounds handgun practice ammo*

Eye protection with clear lenses

(available for purchase at the range)


Electronic ear protection

(available for  purchase at range)


Closed toe shoes



Personal hydration and snacks (we do not take a "lunch" 

break, only minimal breaks as needed).


No low-cut necklines

(we don’t want hot brass down our shirts or blouses!)


500 round Good Guy Ammo Packs of 9MM ball practice ammo available for $99.99 plus tax.   


500 round Good Guy Ammo Packs of .40 cal. practice ammo available for $129.99 plus tax. 


This offer is exclusively for students enrolled in the Good Guy with a Gun class and all ammo must be shot during the class. No background check required!  Call Denise @ 408-687-3791 in advance of the class, to reserve your Good Guy Ammo Pack.  Payment for ammo is expected at the start of the class via cash, debit, or credit card

Our Good Guy with a Gun classes are not NRA developed classes.  This course offering was created by Defensive Accuracy, LLC to meet specific training needs unmet by NRA curriculum.

Questions?  Please email us at