Beginning in January 2022

Bureau of Security & Investigative Services Certified



B.S.I.S. Initial Exposed Gun Permit Class Schedule:

We offer monthly 16 hour classes in Stockton to certify you for the B.S.I.S. Exposed Carry Gun Permit.  The Initial Firearms class is held monthly on the third Wednesday and Thursday at KW Defense, Inc., 1640 N. Broadway, Stockton, CA.  

TRAINING LOCATION:  KW Defense, 1640 N. Broadway, Stockton, CA


February 16 & 17

March 16 & 17

All Initial Firearms classes begin at 10:00 am. sharp at

KW Defense, Inc.

1640 N. Broadway

Stockton, CA

Note:  To be eligible to attend the Initial Firearms class, candidate must either already be in possession of the B.S.I.S. Guard Card or first complete the 8 hour (one day) Guard Card class.  The Guard Card class is available 5 days a week at the Hayward classroom of Security Six, 22698 Mission Blvd., Hayward, CA (925) 525-1382,  The B.S.I.S. Guard Card class is also available online at

B.S.I.S. Exposed Gun Permit Re-Qualifications 2022 Schedule:

We also offer the mandatory B.S.I.S. Exposed Carry Gun Permit re-qualifications on the third Thursday of the month by appointment at 11:00 a.m. sharp at KW Defense, Inc., 1640 N. Broadway, Stockton, CA.  Please call Security Six at 925-443-6676 to book your BSIS firearms re-qualification appointment.


Initial Firearms Fees:

Course Fee: $125-$185 (depending on number of calibers you choose to qualify with) 

State and processing fees:  $125 

Range Fee: $50

Gun Rental: $15 per caliber 

Ammo:  $35-$49 per 50 rounds (depending on caliber) is available at KW Defense, Inc. while supplies last.  (You will need to shoot 50 rounds for each caliber you wish to qualify with)

Eye protection rental: $1 

Ear protection rental: $1 

We accept credit/debit cards or cash.  No checks.

You must bring the following to the first day of the Initial Firearms class:

1) Proof of citizenship (The Real ID is not proof of citizenship)

2) Current drivers license or ID

3) Social Security Number

4) Current Guard Card

Guard Card Fees (Guard Card classes are only available at the Hayward Office of Security Six, 22698 Mission Blvd., Hayward, CA (Mon-Fri):

Class fee:  $80 

State fees and processing:  $80 

You must bring the following to the first day of Guard Card class:

1) Current Drivers License or ID

2) Social Security Number

Note:  For either the Guard Card or the Exposed Gun Permit, you will be required to submit live-scan fingerprints to the State of California.  Live-scan fingerprinting services are available locally and the fee is separate.  Fees range from $80-125 for live-scan.

Due to Alameda County Covid-19 precautions, please wear a face mask when entering the Security Six facilities

For more information, call Security Six at 925-443-6676

or email

Security Six

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