Defensive Accuracy, LLC has partnered with Security Six to bring you top quality Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (B.S.I.S.) Exposed Carry Gun Permit training.  Earn more money as an armed guard!  

We offer weekly two-day classes to certify you for the B.S.I.S. exposed carry gun permit.  The exposed carry gun permit class is held weekly, on Monday and Tuesday.


Applicants must also complete the B.S.I.S. Guard Card class, or already be in possession of the Guard Card to be eligible to enroll in the exposed carry permit two-day class.  Guard card training is available 5 days a week at the Hayward classroom of Security Six.

Day One (Monday) of this training will be at the Security Six classroom located at 22698 Mission Blvd. in Hayward CA.  

Day Two (Tuesday) will start at the Hayward classroom and then move to the live-fire qualifications at the Guns, Fishing & Other Stuff Indoor Range, 6705 Amador Plaza Road, Dublin, CA.

For more information, and to view the class calendar, click here:

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